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Math Handbook Calculator

+ - * / ^ ! o `oo` `alpha` `beta` `gamma` `Gamma` `theta` `pi` and ( )
sin(x) cos(x) tan(x) cot(x) sec(x) csc(x) `sin^(-1)(x)` `cos^(-1)(x)` `tan^(-1)(x)`
sinh(x) cosh(x) tanh(x) coth(x) `sinh^(-1)(x)` `cosh^(-1)(x)` `tanh^(-1)(x)`
x `x^2` `sqrt(x)` `root3(x)` `e^-x` exp(x) ln(x) log(x) `log_10 (x)` |x| W(x) `((3),(x))`
x! x!! `Gamma(x)` `gamma(2,0,x)` `psi(x)` erf(x) `Phi(x)` Ei(x) li(x) Si(x) `zeta(x)` `E _0.5 (x^0.5)`
f(x) = x; `sum_(x=0)^5`(x) `int`y(x) dx `int y(x) (dx)^0.5` `int_0^1` sin(x) dx `d/dx`y(x) `(d^(1) y)/dx^(1)` `y^((1))(x)` y' y''

(x=cos(t) +t*sin(t) and y=sin(t)-t*cos(t))

`(x=cos(t) +t*sin(t) and y=sin(t)-t*cos(t))`

Compute: $$x=cos(t)+t\ sin(t)\ and\ y=sin(t)-t\ cos(t)$$

Output: $$ x=cos(t)+t\ sin(t)\ and\ y=sin(t)-t\ cos(t) == x=cos(t)+sin(t)\ t\ and\ y=sin(t)+(-cos(t))\ t $$ Result:$$x=cos(t)+sin(t)\ t\ and\ y=sin(t)+(-cos(t))\ t$$

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